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Spanish healthcare

When making the move to Mallorca, you need to ensure you and your family are protected against all eventualities.  Below is our guide to the Spanish healthcare system and health insurance highlighting who needs what and how Mallorca Expats can help you and your family with Health Insurance 

Expats & healthcare

Spain has an excellent level of healthcare, which according to the World Economic Forums Global Competitive Report is ranked as one of the best in the world and used by 90% of the Spanish population.  For short term visitors from the EU/EEA or Switzerland, it is possible to access public healthcare with your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which can be obtained from your country of origin.  For residents of the Island, your ability to access public healthcare will depend on your situation.   The main hospitals in Mallorca are listed here


Number for an Ambulance in Mallorca

Who can access public healthcare


Employees & Self Employed residents that contribute to Spanish social security


EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals that have reached retirement age in their countries.  To qualify they must obtain an S1 form in their own country 


Any EU/EEA/Swiss nationals can access public healthcare through their European Health Insurance Card for short term visits


The spouse and children of an employed/self-employed worker


EU nationals studying in Spain are covered by their European Health Insurance Card, for the duration of their study

What is covered by public health 

What you need to be covered by public healthcare in Spain

To access public healthcare in Spain you need your TSI healthcare card.  To apply for this you need your Spanish social security number (either from your employer or local social security office), your address registered on the Padron at your town hall and a certificate of registration (empadronamiento).  With the TSI care, you can then register with a local doctor and are covered for

  • All treatment costs for visiting doctors or hospitals in Spain

  • 40%-60% of prescription costs at pharmacies (depending on your age and salary)

  • 90% of prescription fees for pensioners

  • Dental costs are NOT covered by public health insurance, however, these are relatively cheap

Where to go

A list of the main hospitals on in Mallorca

Upon your address registration (Padrón) you will be assigned to a local public health centre called a PAC (Punto de atención continuada) in your town. Some are open 24 hours.  Find your nearest one here

Your assigned doctor will provide your continued care. For treatment of more serious emergencies or long term stays, hospitals are best, most of which are located in major cities: Palma, Manacor, Inca or Son Llatzer.   Find your nearest Private or Public hospital here

Overview to private insurance

Depending on your circumstances, this can be a strong option

As in all countries, private healthcare insurance is a simple way to ensure you and your family are covered for both emergency and elective treatments, with costs depending on the amount of coverage requested, age of the applicant and previous medical conditions. 


Compared to many countries, the cost of health insurance in Spain is low (for an average aged individual with no pre-existing conditions) and you can generally get treatment far quicker than through the public system.  It's also easier to access if you do not speak Spanish or Catalan.  However, for the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions or those that enjoy high-risk activities (skiing or scuba diving for example), private insurance can be a more expensive proposition.

Mallorca Expats has negotiate group Health Insurance with DKV, contact us for more information

European health insurance card (EHIC)

Essential for EU/EEA Nationals visiting the island (not residing)

The EIHC is essential for all EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals or residents contributing to social security visiting Spain on holiday and ensures coverage in the case of a medical emergency.  It should not be seen as an alternative to health insurance, as it will not cover elective medical treatments or if you are travelling for health tourism.

You apply for your EHIC before you leave the country (find out where to apply here).  Each country's EIHC card lasts for a different duration - so check when you apply.

For residents of the UK, you can no longer apply for a EHIC (although existing cards will still be accepted until expiry).  This has now been replaced by the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). This can be applied for here.

Main hospitals in Mallorca

Hospital List

How can we help?


How can we help

At Mallorca Expats, we have negotiated a community rate with DKV,  This provides you and your family with comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.  Just get in touch for a no obligation quote.

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