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Obtaining your T.I.E residency card

If you are permanently relocating to the island or Spain in general, you will require a T.I.E identity card.  This is a physical card that not only contains your N.I.E tax number but also confirms your status as a resident of Spain.  Below is our guide to the steps and documentation required to apply for your T.I.E whether you are an EU citizen or not. 

What is a T.I.E?

The T.I.E (Tarjeta de Identificación de Extranjero) is essentially your residency card proving that you are officially living in Spain and is linked to your N.I.E.  This card will not only allow you access to social security in Spain, but as an official resident in Mallorca, avail significant discounts on flights and ferries to the mainland.

For EU residents, you should apply for the T.I.E residency card within 3 months.  For non-EU residents, this should be done within 30 days of arrival.  For those wishing to be residents, both the NIE and TIE can be applied for at the same time. 

How to get your T.I.E

Documents needed

Remember, take the originals with you and don't forget to sign the forms

  • 2 copies of your passport page (showing name, number, photo)

  • Your original passport

  • Passport Photos (4)

  • Proof of address (copy and original, the rental must be at least a 6 months contract)

  • Your NIE Number or EX15 Form (if you don't have one) - download here

  • An EX17 Firm - download here

  • A (012 790) NIE fee form - download here

What to do

It can take time to get an appointment in Spain so applying before you leave your home country can speed up the process

  • Complete sections 1,3,4 of the EX15 form in Spanish and in capital letters (section 2 only needed if another person will be representing you)

  • Complete the (012 790) fee form

  • Print out the forms

  • Make an appointment at the nearest Spanish consulate in your home country (this is the quickest way)

  • If making an appointment in Spain, go to this link.  If you find this link complicated, it is. Please try to do this in your country for simplicity

  • On the day, bring all copies and documents listed above and present yourself to the consulate, you will receive your T.I.E the same day

  • The fee must be paid in cash (around 10-15 Euro, or equivalent in local currency)


Ensure you have everything you need ready

  • Copy of main passport page

  • Actual passport

  • Completed EX 15 form

  • Completed NIE Fee form

  • 15-20 Euro in cash for payment

Lawyer with Clients

How can we help

At Mallorca Expats, we have vetted a number of legal and immigration professionals that can advise and assist and manage the residency and Visa process for you. 

Feel free to get in touch for a
no-obligation introduction 

How can we help?

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