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Learning Spanish

Mallorca is an International island​ with both English and German spoken widely in many outlets and by many people.  However, there are several benefits to learning either Castilian Spanish, Catalan and/or Mallorquin (this a dialect of the Catalan language).  

Learning the language helps you gain greater independence, gives you a greater understanding of the culture, helps you meet people and even develop your cognitive processes.

5 Benefits of learning a language


Gain independence

Whilst English and German are widely spoken, interaction with the local authorities, official documentation, legal contracts and many services are still likely to be in Spanish or Catalan only.  By learning the language, in time, you are capable of dealing with these official bodies and legal entities without the need or cost of translators

Also, the ability to speak Spanish will give you greater options when it comes to looking for employment, all roles will be open to you - not just English speaking roles.


Dealing with the day-to-day

Need an electrician or a plumber? Want to visit that local restaurant everyone keeps talking about?  Have a question about a bill and need to call customer service?  These situations can create a lot of anxiety. In the end, you walk away thinking that you said everything wrong, but hopefully getting what you want. Hopefully.

Getting the basics in place can really make the day-to-day issues a lot easier to deal with, thus making you more relaxed.


Connect with people

It's great to have Expat friends and family will visit, but why stop there?  Through work, school and events you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to many Mallorcan residents during your time here. Don't let language make you miss out on opportunities to build lifelong friendships and become part of new families.


Exercise your brain

There are many cognitive benefits of learning additional languages. Research shows people who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills as well as enhanced concentration, the ability to multitask, and honed listening skills.

And it's far more useful and impressive than doing the cross!


Appreciate local culture

Language is the most direct connection to other cultures. Being able to communicate in another language fosters an appreciation and deeper understanding of the local traditions, religions, arts, history - and even the cultural sense of humour- that are connected to that language.  This is especially true for children.

Useful Spanish phrases

How can we help?

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How can we help

At Mallorca Expats, we can connect you to a number of Language schools and tutors to ensure you learn the language as quickly as possible - in a way that is most convenient for you.

Q.  What is better, going to a language school or learning online?

A. Whilst online courses are cheaper and can be done when convenient for you, there are some disadvantages to online learning.  Interaction with a good teacher will help you learn faster, it will also help you master pronunciation better than online only. Finally, there is a social element to learning that only comes in a traditional class. The best way to learn is to combine online learning with a vetted and reputable language school. Many often make their first friends on the island in group class settings.

Q.  How long does it take to learn Spanish?

A. This is a tough one, but it is estimated that it takes 18 months to learn Spanish based on an hour lesson a day.  But bear in mind, even if you are not fluent, you will start seeing an impact almost immediately, and within a few months will be able to cope with many day-to-day eventualities.

Q.  What to look for in a language school?

A.  Apart from the relevant accreditation, look at the options and timings for classes, beware of offers "too good to be true".  Does the school offer internationally recognized qualifications?  We can help you choose a good school.

Q.  Do I really need to learn Spanish?

A. Practically speaking, no. There are a lot of multillingual locals and expats living here. However, your life and experience in Mallorca will be so much better and easier if you do! It is respectful to the local population to make an effort. We urge you to try. It's also a fun way to meet new people.!

Frequently Asked Questions

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