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Mallorca Expats

We are Mallorca Expats, the island's premier expatriate support network with over 7,000 members.  Whether you are looking to relocate to the island, are already a resident or even just visiting, we can connect you to our network of approved services & professionals to make your life easier.

We've been supporting expats in Mallorca since 2015

Our English speaking community is made up of over 100 nationalities from around the world and provide a support group to ease the transition for people and families to the island, provide help and information to those in need and arrange social events to help you better settle into your new life on Mallorca.


We take care to live in a respectful, sustainable and sympathetic way to Mallorcas unique culture and environment, with the aim of making a positive impact on the island we call home.

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How we can help?

We offer many different ways to help you with your move and daily island life. For now, the first thing we think might make your life easier, is to share all the collated information from the most commonly asked questions that we see in our community Facebook forum,

Just use the navigation below and browse through our site for the information you
most need.

To help you with your move or life, we have collated information around many of the most commonly asked questions that we see in our community to make your life easier.  Just take a look through our site for the information you need.  

Introducing vetted professionals

Whilst we provide as much information as possible, we always recommend working with the relevant professionals to ensure you get the best advice and support as and when you need it.


As part of our community, we have a number of trusted and vetted professionals, from accountants and lawyers to property finders and life coaches - and everything in between.  All of these multi-lingual professionals have years of experience both on the island and internationally.  If you need support, but don't know whom to trust, we can make the relevant no-obligation introductions. Just get in touch!

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